My interest in dietetics started early, as I was a child and adolescent with increased body weight. When I managed to achieve a healthy weight at the age of 17 (after many struggles and unsuccessful efforts), I knew I wanted to devote my career to help other people improve their diets.

After graduating with distinction from Harokopio University and King’s College London, I started working as a registered dietitian. For 10 years, I ran a busy private clinic in Athens and worked as a paediatric dietitian for the Obesity Clinic of “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital. Since January 2018, due to my relocation to the UK, I have been providing online diet coaching services.

During my professional life I have been involved in the MEND childhood obesity programme in the UK and internationally. I currently remain one of the longest standing members of the MEND international team. For five years I had been a research consultant for the Slimming World weight management programme and for seven years I was a nutrition consultant for Lanes Health. I am an active media writer and spokesperson, and have contributed to the publication of several peer-previewed articles.

For more information about my clinical and research background, please see here.